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...Just 4152 Cardin Javelins were built by AMC in 1972, 1973 & 1974...                         seen any lately?...

The American Motors Cardin Javelin Registry
Each year less and less Javelins are on the road, and with only 4152 Cardin Javelins made, they become rarer with each passing year.  Slowly American Motors vehicles are becoming more collectible, and values are inching upwards.  It is useful to know how many actual vehicles are left out there, and nice to have contact with others who can help locate parts or restoration information.  Email me today about your Cardin Javelin...
Pierre Cardin Javelin 40th Anniversary

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 OVER 40 YEARS of the Pierre Cardin Javelin.

...Page Updated for 2017!!...

Pierre Cardin peers into a Cardin Javelin, 1972

Pierre Cardin: 1972


Free Cardin Javelin AMX classifieds

 Pierre Cardin Javelin & AMX Get-Together:

...on July 18-20, 2013 we held the first special get together for the Cardin models at the AMO International Convention in Auburn, Indiana and hosted by the Hoosier AMC Club.  In all Eight Cardin vehicles attended the Convention, including a six-cylinder


 OUR SPECIAL GUEST: VINCE GERACCI, (second from left) was AMC's liason with Pierre Cardin (read more in the Roadshow below)

This years 2017 Annual AMO show is scheduled for Gettysburg, PA. If you are a Cardin Owner in the area who would like to help us organize a get together at the meet please let us know.

We really hope that owners will be able to join us at future meetings, and those interested in further details can email Bob at amx73javelin@yahoo.com who is in the process of organizing the details with Andy Meyer.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Free Cardin Javelin AMX classifieds


If you hear of any for sale, or are selling one yourself, contact us today...  blue72@cardinjavelin.com


1973 Amc Javelin Amx Cardin, Ohio  Black 360    http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/amc/78334-1973-javelin-amx-pierre-cardin-edition.html 

 1972 RARE AMC JAVELIN SST 360 V-8 - ORIG PIERRE CARDIN INTERIOR - AUTOMATIC - AC http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/amc/34862-rare-1972-amc-javelin-sst-360-v-8-orig-pierre-cardin-interior-automatic-ac.html

1973 matching numbers muscle car 401 cid v8 pierre cardin edition amc amx purple: http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/amc/37384-matching-numbers-muscle-car-401-cid-v8-pierre-cardin-edition-amc-amx-purple.html

1973 AMC AMX Pierre Cardin 360 Hurst 4speed Twin Grip  http://www.planethoustonamx.com/my-amcs-for-sale.htm 




elusive 1972 AMC Pierre Cardin AMX


Classic Black 1972 Cardin AMX.


One of only 14 Cardin AMX's 

produced in 1972.


It has been stated that in 1972 as many as 12 black Javelin AMX's left the Kenosha plant with the Pierre Cardin interior, even though this interior was only supposed to be available for the Javelin SST during this model year, and was not available on the AMX until 1973.  (Thanks to Alan, we now have confirmation that 14 Cardin AMX's were produced in 1972, and at least one was white.  The Black one pictured here is still surviving in good health.)

This Cardin AMX to the left is one of those indicated, and as the story goes this vehicle had to be driven by the zone manager in Missouri for a few months, and then could be used as a demonstrator.  The same story probably goes for all 14 of these special ordered AMX's.  (See R0049 in the registry)

The big question is, are there any more left?  If you know the whereabouts of any of these AMX's, or have ever seen one, give us a call.  We would love to hear your stories.

Update: Thanks to Alan G. for getting in touch with us (previous owner of the AMX pictured) and also providing a copy of his confirmation letter from American Motors regarding production numbers for 1972 Javelins.  (check out his new project in the registry #A3C798Z34XXX9).

We would still love to hear from others out there!

1971 Cardin Javelin prototype


The photo to the left is most evidently a vintage image for the promotion of the 1973 Cardin Javelin, but of course those of you with sharp eyes will catch on to the 1971 Javelin Grill...

This is quite probably the prototype Cardin Javelin made up for the promotion of their new interior, however as you may know there were no 1971 Cardin's, in fact it was not even an available option until mid-1972.  This specific vehicle was not even used in the launch at the Auto shows, as a Silver Cardin made the debut across America in 72.

So, the question remains, who knows ANYTHING about this vehicle, as no information has turned up anywhere to my knowledge apart from the photo itself... anyone??


NEW! More of Cardin's Designs...

Pierre Cardin was born Pietro Cardin on the 2nd of July 1922, an Italian-born French fashion designer.  Many are familiar with his creations, and even his design for the 1972 AMC Cardin Javelin.

However, the Javelin was not the only vehicle he had a hand in to create a special edition, it was only the first!

If you are interested in taking a look at his other custom designed vehicles, then take a ride with us here...

The Pierre Cardin Roadshow >>>


The Pierre Cardin Roadshow, custom cars

What other vehicles did Pierre Cardin customize?


Cardin Javelin & AMX production numbers

Year Cardin Javelin's Cardin AMX's Total
1972 1262 14 1276
1973 <   2875   > 2875
1974 1 ? ? 1

Total production



Do you have any information to help us fill out this table?  

Somewhere out there may be the complete answer!

In 2012 we received verification of the production of 14- 1972 AMX's, and additionally that at least one Cardin Javelin was produced during the 1974 model year.  This ad below from an AMC dealer is part of the proof we have located specifying the 1974 model.  This Cardin Javelin was painted Plum Metallic with a white vinyl top, PS, PB, and factory A/C.

2013-06 Another exciting lead on the 74's.  Almost another lead, but turned out to be a '73...  

We are interested in any and all information you may have regarding the Cardin Javelin, or any other of the American Motors designer interiors, such as the Gucci Hornet Sportabout, Cassini Matador or any or the Levi's vehicles which include Gremlins, Hornets, Jeeps and so on.  If there is interest will be more than happy to start registries on these models as well.. this is a hobby, but we will get back to you as time permits.  Please contact us;

Webmaster  CardinLand: blue72@cardinjavelin.com

Andrew Meyer IN, USA: sstpilot72@aol.com

Robert La Cross MI, USA: amx73javelin@yahoo.com


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